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katelynds photo shoot

katelynds photo shoot
my wedding day

Monday, June 29, 2009

gliter toes

YEA my mom knows how to do GLITTER TOES

there smooth and they are awsome
she does them very goods

have a great summer!!!!!

guess what what ?

What well right now at 9:00 pm it is 102* out in las vegas. today we went to the Iverson's pool and there pool was 94*. we thought it was going to be refreshing but no we were very hot.

and I wanted to tell dad that we really miss him !s

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

las vegas and school

Well we made it to Las Vegas. It was a 25 hr. drive, but it's worth it. I'm out of school but i miss all my friends they are all going to south middle and i'm going to west middle.
I am so happy a couple of months till I'm in MIDDLE SCHOOL. I am scared at the same time but a boy that goes to my church will be in 7th grade I might see him and Zach Clark and a girl name Mackenzie are going to west middle for 6th grade.

I miss my Dad he is in Missouri and he is taking lots of tests. We will be out here for 6 weeks / 1month and 2weeks.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


the past couple weeks lindsay and i have been doing volleyball.we have been wining all the games so far. next year i'm going to do volleyball,scrapbookclub, and cheer leading. my mom is helping lindsay and i with volleyball .....

Monday, March 16, 2009

my 5th grade play

the play is tomorrow at 7:00 and i am yellow rose of texas and i am in 2 secens and have 4 long lines i am so exited and scared at the same time but i wish i got the solo part were you sing by your self my best friend taylor got it
i am glad i even got a part any way ! WISH ME LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

i'm going to middle school this year !!!

i'm in the 5th grade right now and this year i'm going into middle school this year and i'm so exided i'm scared too i'm scared i might forget my locker combination or a piencil in my locker

last month i registered for middle and i'm going to be in ochstra ( i play the violin )

mom is working on her garden

a couple days ago mom started her garden and she is still working on it still in her garden she will have rasberrys cantolope sqwash beans peas and other good friuts and veggies she is working so hard she worked all day today too

moms new hair cut

moms new hair cut
I love it , so does she !!!

Dad is a dumpster diver

Dad is a dumpster diver
He said peace out

God bless America

God bless America
American flag


She's my lollpop tell me why oh my lollypop is great!!!!!